Move to Paradise in 2022 at this Condominium for Sale on South Padre Island

Take advantage of the new year, and find your dream home on the island now. Our realtors can help you find any type of real estate on South Padre Island, from residential investment properties to commercial. You could even live at this renovated condominium for sale, located at 2600 Gulf Blvd. Enjoy a Newly Renovated SPI Condo... read more

Calling All Winter Texans: View All the South Padre Island Homes for Sale

Once the holidays are over, Santa needs a break, and so do you. Our realtors can relate. It’s why we stress purchasing South Padre Island investment properties. Move out of the RV park this winter season, and invest in a condo for sale on South Padre Island. Owning SPI real estate can be an additional... read more

New Year, New Home: Visit This Condo for Sale at 2000 Gulf Blvd.

2022 is the year for new beginnings, and that includes your search for a home. While many buyers may feel inclined to buy a new home, this can be problematic, because South Padre Island real estate is currently experiencing a seller’s market. Meaning the prices for homes have increased as well. Consider looking into SPI condos... read more

4 Do’s and Don’ts of Staging SPI Real Estate During the Holiday

A common myth during the holiday season is that sellers have difficulty selling their SPI real estate. This could not be more untrue. Currently, the housing market favors sellers due to there being fewer houses for sale South Padre Island. If you are selling your SPI home now, there are a few ways you can... read more

SPI Realty Spotlight: Celebrate the Holidays at the Condo located 200 W Constellation Dr.

If you have been looking for your next home, consider buying SPI real estate. While the nation is currently experiencing a seller’s housing market, island properties are still for sale. Condominiums, in particular, can also be a good investment if you are looking for a vacation home. Condos can cost less than a home and include many island... read more

4 Reasons to Enjoy the Holidays in the Comfort of Your SPI Real Estate

The holiday season can be a hectic time for people as holiday shopping and parties take place. Still, you should not put off your search for any condominiums for sale in South Padre Island. Buying SPI realty has several advantages that you cannot find elsewhere. South Padre Island is a thriving community and may be... read more

4 Steps to Buy a Home for Sale on South Padre Island in Your 30s

If you spent your twenties discovering yourself, you might use your thirties to define your life goals. Buying a home on the island may be one of your life goals. However, some people think owning an island home is impossible. You don’t have to wait until you are retired to live on the island. We... read more

Spend the Holidays at This SPI Condo Located at 105-A E Verna Jean Dr.

If you grew up taking vacations to South Padre Island, then you know how special this place is. SPI real estate is a hot commodity right now since fewer homes are for sale on South Padre Island. Now is your turn to own a vacation home! We want to share this SPI condo located at 105-A E Verna... read more

4 Ways to Sell Your SPI Real Estate Quicker

If you are trying to sell your home on South Padre Island, now is the best time! According to the latest housing market report, SPI homes sell for 30% more than what they previously had. These properties sell faster and don’t stay on the market as long compared to August 2020. So how can you... read more

What Sellers Should Do Before Selling their SPI Real Estate

Are you preparing to sell your home yourself? It can be enticing to sell your home without a realtor. One of the benefits is you get to keep all of the profits yourself, however there are also significant risks and responsibilities. Specifically, you could lose profits during the final sale and negotiations. Our realtors on South... read more