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Helping Clients Find the Perfect South Padre Island Real Estate Since 1973

Finding the perfect piece of South Padre Island real estate is easy with the help of experienced and knowledgeable realtors. Troy Giles Realty knows the city well and understands what makes it the perfect spot for your relocation or commercial efforts. You may be wondering what sets our beautiful city apart from other similar areas. The answer is simply location, location, location.

Calling the Island Home

South Padre Island is a picturesque city in Cameron County just off of the Texas coast. Each year, countless Texans, out-of-state travelers and international visitors make their way to South Padre Island for relaxation on its 30+ miles of uninterrupted, white sandy beaches, numerous eateries that match different tastes and an unparalleled nightlife not seen anywhere else.

Its location on the Gulf of Mexico makes it one of the most popular spots in the country. Crisp and clear weather throughout most of the year, high levels of tourism and a friendly population all make South Padre Island the perfect place to live or do business.

South Padre Island Real Estate | Family at South Padre
South Padre Island Realtors | Couple at the Beach

It’s no surprise that many of these visitors and tourists decide to call this well-known and beautiful city home. Finding the prefect real estate on the island isn’t easy, but our company can make it so. As a great place to work and play, Troy Giles Realty can help you find the location best suited to your needs.

If you’re ready to live or set up a commercial endeavor in a casual and coastal community with beautiful weather and a friendly populace, then we have the property you might be looking for. Buying real estate in South Padre Island can be a challenge, but with us helping you throughout the process, it can be a fantastic, worthwhile and financially rewarding investment.

The Most Experienced South Padre Island Real Estate Office!

Our team has extensive experience in handling the sales, rentals, development and construction of South Padre Island area properties. Today, we offer our knowledge and experience in seller representation, assisting buyers with their purchases.

We work quickly and to the best of our ability because, as they say in the real estate business, "Time is of the essence." Avoid hesitating in the search for a beautiful and unique piece of South Padre Island real estate by getting in touch with us today.

Featured SPI Properties

South Padre Island has countless of condos and homes for sale that can each prove to be a financially rewarding investment. Anything from private residences to commercial lots, we can help you find the one perfect for your needs. Take advantage of everything our beautiful city has to offer by exploring what we can help you find.

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Homes for Sale on South Padre Island

It’s a dream for many to own a beachfront home or one on an island. Make it a reality with our help. In the 30+ years that we’ve been doing business, we’ve helped countless people find the perfect beach home. Whether it’s a summer beach house or permanent residency, our realtors will go out of their way to help you find what you need.

South Padre Island Homes for Sale

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South Padre Island Condos for Sale

Condos for Sale on South Padre Island

If owning a beach house is out of the question but wanting a property on South Padre Island is something that interests you, then opt for one of the many condos available in the city for you and your family! Although condos are smaller, they surely offer the same pure bliss of living in paradise that comes with a beach house.

South Padre Island Condos for Sale

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Commercial Properties for Sale on South Padre Island

If you’d rather establish and grow a business in South Padre Island instead of residing here, then that option is available to you as well! Our realtors not only help clients find residential locations, they also help in finding lots where commercial ventures can be established to flourish. Take advantage of the unique populace that calls our city home by making a name for your business today.

South Padre Island Commercial Properties for Sale

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